Trustworthy Firewood Delivery Service was started by 2 brothers living in the Northwest Washington State who saw a need for an honest and dependable firewood delivery service. 

We too often heard stories of urban city folks being ripped off or slightly cheated by Firewood Supply Services because they aren’t educated on how wood is measured, the types of wood, the qualities of seasoned firewood and the costs of delivery.

Let’s be honest, there are great Firewood Providers in the Seattle and Eastside areas out there and then there are the down and out desperate scheemers with a chainsaw and a station wagon or van.   There is great honor is all hard work and being of service which is why we got into this business.

We are a seasonal service and if we aren’t currently delivering we will guarantee a reference to a Firewood Supplier in Seattle and the Surrounding communities that is honest, dependable and trustworthy. 

206-880-7215  Cash or Credit

Quality Cut, Split and Dry, Seasoned Full and half cords