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Quality Cut, Split and Dry,Seasoned Full and 1/2 Cords of fir maple alder and fruit woods

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Quality Cut, Split and Dry, Pre-seasoned Full and 1/2 Cords of Douglass Fir, Maple,  Cedar, Alder Now Available for Delivery!

Call now to order – prices vary depending on location and type of wood.

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Important things to consider when ordering firewood delivery. Be informed and you won’t get ripped off by shady firewood delivery “companies” ie: down and out people with a truck and a chainsaw and a craigslist ad.   Get informed below.

  • Seasoned Firewood vs Green Wood
  • Hardwoods vs Softwood
  • Firewood Stack Dimensions


“Seasoned” means the wood has had time to dry out, or the tree had been dead for at least a year and a half without being cut. But when a fresh tree is cut and split into firewood, the logs need at least 6 months to a year to dry out.  “Seasoned” wood has no more than 20% moisture.  It will split easy and burn evenly.

* You can tell if wood is seasoned by looking for cracks at either end where it was cut, the bark will be loose and come off easily and there will be surface dirt and saw dust picked up while curing. Dry wood will make a nice “Baseball Bat to the Ball” sound when hit together, a nice resonant woody “ring”.

Another thing is you don’t want the wood to be too dry!  Properly seasoned wood has just the right amount of moisture to it. You want some sap as it good fuel for the fire. If the wood is too dry, it will feel light and fall apart easily almost rotten.  That does not make a good fire.

On the other hand if you get firewood that is too “green”, it’s pretty obvious that it will be very heavy, will not split easy, and when you try to burn it, it will mostly just smolder and create tons of smoke leaving you as cold and wet as the log you just bought.  (This is why we are informing you. So you don’t get ripped off!)

Now, this does not mean that ordering green wood is bad!  You may want to plan ahead and order a cord of green wood for the next year’s season.  Green wood can sometimes be purchased cheaper than seasoned wood, especially if it is not split, although, keep in mind it is much heavier and harder to stack.

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Hardwoods blaze longer and cleaner than most “soft woods”. Hardwood varieties include Oaks, Maple, Madrona, and the fruit trees, Cherry and Apple. Softwoods like Alder, Pine, Douglas Fir and Cedar for example, are common decent firewoods, but they tend to burn faster without as much heat output and will not burn as clean, meaning they create more smoke because they burn at a lower temperature.

However, don’t be fooled! A decent load of properly seasoned Doug Fir will burn just as well as some hardwoods. But most likely you’ll be burning it twice as fast as you would a decent load of hardwoods.  That is why hard woods are more expensive.  They are also not as plentiful as the softer woods.

The firewoods you find outside of grocery and convenience stores are usually Doug Fir, Pine or Alder. And you are paying a premium for those little bundles! Convenience has it’s price!



Just for your information, A cord is 8 feet long, 4 feet high and 4 feet wide or 128 cubic feet.

Are Wood Stoves that much better than Fireplaces?

Wood stoves are very efficient for heating a room or home.  Fireplaces are not efficient at all. This is because a stove is closed and controlled, whereas much of the heat output of an open fire escapes up the chimney rather than into the house. An average open fireplace will have an efficiency of up to 15 percent, but the chimney will cause a negative efficiency overall, as the fire in the fireplace burns down in the evening. The hot chimney will continue to pull air from the room, causing cold, outside air (called makeup air) to be pulled into the home. This results in very high heat loss.

On Average a fireplace is 15% efficiency (at best),  An average older wood stove has 65% efficiency;  Some newer woodstoves are over 80% to 90% efficient